Types of bathrooms and layouts

Types of bathrooms and layouts

bathroom layout

Bathrooms can be categorized into several different types based on their size and function. The smallest footprint for a bathroom is usually the powder room and the half bath. There are plenty of variations like the master bathroom, the kid’s bathroom, the bathroom with laundry facilities, with fixtures and features that are accesible to the physically challenged and many more.

General design guidelines: 

  • The bathroom should be ideally located on the north of the house.
  • The ideal layout should make the most of the available natural light and natural ventilation.
  • In multi-storey buildings, bathrooms should be located one above the other. By this, the cost of plumbing system is considerably redused.
  • Adjoining bathrooms, but of different appartments, should not share the same plumbing and the same ventilation system.
  • A bathroom is a humid and wet place. Thus, all surfaces should be cleaned easily and prevent mold growth.
  • Floor surfaces should not be slippery.
  • The bathroom should have at least one schuko socket.
Apart from the basic fixtures, bathrooms also have furniture, like: 
  • Cabinets and drawers for towels
  • Cabinets for laundry
  • Mirrors
  • Shelves, drawers and cabinets for personal care products
  • Radiator
  • Other accesories

Typical bathroom layouts 

Half bath / powder room

A powder room is a small bathroom with a small vanity or sink, mirror and toilet and is designed to accomodate guests as well as family members.  This type requires the minimum space for the essentials, though is suitable for restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, etc. In many homes, the closet or space under the stairway is drafted as a powder room so visitors don’t have to go upstairs to visit the main bathroom.

half bath floorplan, powder room floorplan

half bath design, half bath drawing, powder room drawing, measurments

A seperate room for the shower

A completely separate room just for the shower, ensures that the bathroom remains free while the shower is busy. The room can also have a small sink.

Shower floorplan, shower room drawing,



Three quarter bath

A three quarter bath is usually small, but large enough to include a shower, a vanity or a sink, a toilet and problably storage shelves.

three quarter bath floorplan, three quarter bath drawing,


three quarter bath floorplan, three quarter bath drawing,

Master bathroom

The master bathroom is one of the most private and relaxing spaces. A master bathroom might include double vanities with sinks and mirror, toilet in a semiprivate compartment, sauna or steam shower, soaking or whirlpool tub, storage for linens and many more amenities.

master bathroom drawing with measurments

master bathroom layouts

master bathroom floor plans



Adjoining baths 

This type of two-room bath is ideal for big families where the bathroom might be occupied most of the time.

adjoining baths, bath layouts, bathroom layout


Bathroom with laundry facilities

In many European countries where many appartments are small, it not rare to install the washing machine into the bathroom.

bath with laundry floorplan


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