Sheet Piling

Excavator Mounted Vibrator




Dawson excavator mounted vibrators have been designed specifically to work in place of an excavator bucket to drive and extract piles. The pile can be lifted to vertical using the built-in lifting chain where it is then gripped tightly in a powerful hydraulic jaw. Once secured, the pile is then vibrated with high frequency vibrations so as to ‘fluidise’ the soil resisting the pile. Down-crowd force applied by the excavator boom, coupled with the self-weight of the pile and the vibrator, provides sufficient force to push the pile into the ground. Naturally, the process works in reverse for pile extraction. The equipment offers a highly productive and cost effective piling rig based around a standard, readily available excavator!


Principal Advantages
. Compact, robust and reliable – no electrics!
. Simple and fast attachment to excavator
. Minimal height to maximise pile length
. Slim design to drive single sheet piles
. High power to weight ratio
. Universal joint suspension for easy alignment of piles
. Extremely low vibration transmitted to the excavator
. Enviromentally friendly – low noise/localised directional vibration
. Automatic hydraulic clamp operation
. Flexiblity in application
. Flow regulator prevents excessive oil supply to vibrator
. Heavy saddles available for crane suspended models


There are many variables that determine how effectively a vibratory pile driver will perform. This graph is a guide, not a guarantee! Vibratory drivers work at their best in granular (gravels and sands) materials, where the amplitude in the pile can “fluidise” the ground and allow the pile to advance as the ground rearranges itself. They will still function in cohesive materials (clays), but piles will not penetrate as far.

Selection Guide

Excavator sizing guide. For completness, the flow and pressure from the excavator to the EMV should be checked against the specification sheets to confirm adequate hydraulic power. As a guide the EMVs typically suit the following base machine sizes:

EMV70 (requires 30 L/min, 240 bar) ~ 5.5 – 17 t excavator

EMV220 (requires 90 L/min, 280 bar ~ 07 – 22 t excavator

EMV300 (requires 130 L/min, 280 bar) ~ 12 – 35 t excavator

EMV450 (requires 195 L/min, 270 bar) ~ 25 – 45 t excavator

EMV550 (requires 256 L/min, 280 bar) ~ 30 – 55 t excavator



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