Window Sampling & Windowless Sampling

Window sampling or windowless sampling is a technique used to bore through shallow soft soils to investigate the substrata in order to gain a profile of the ground conditions and to facilitate soil sampling for chemical and geotechnical analysis.

Window sampling is usually carried out by a Premier, Terrier, Competitor or Competitor Dart type machines which are capable of boring up to 10.00mbgl depending upon soil type but are generally restricted to Circa 5.00mbgl.  Window sampling machines have the facility to take U100’s, U38’s and STP’s (Standard Penetration Tests).

Window sampling can be used for the investigation of contaminated land, for geotechnical investigations and for the installation of ground gas and ground water monitoring wells.

These rigs are particularly good for investigating in areas of limited access, and even have the capability to remove the front mast to squeeze into tight spaces.

In addition to the standard window sampling machines, hand held equipment is available for difficult access such as embankments or basements.,for%20chemical%20and%20geotechnical%20analysis.


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